Simple Cut to Length Line

This simple Cut to Length Line can use to shearing, slitting coils as per PLC control system. Smart design and commercial way to achieve normal factory steel processing usage.
Material working range:0.3~2.0mm
Feeding width: Max 1300mm
Ex Cold Rolled Coil, Galvanized Coil
Machine Components
5Ton*1300mm Hydraulic un-coiler
Hydraulic system expand coil inner hole, Pump motor: 3KW
Frequency Inverter to regulate turning speed, Motor: 3KW
Taper wedge expand type
Load capacity = Max.5Tons
Coil Inner-diameter= 510±30mm, Coil width = Max.1300mm
Hydraulic press arm on top
Dance arm assistance for coil-turning speed control
Straightening, Shearing & Slitting machine
Feeding Section with guide device;
Straightening Device with 4 over 3 shafts to remove the Coil-set;
Straighten shaft diameter 85mm
Straightening & slitting motor: 7.5KW
Electric guillotine, Main Motor=3KW
Working width: MAX.1250mm; work thickness: 0.3-2.0mm
Slitting width adjustable by manual
Total four sets slitting tools for 5 strips
Extra two slitting tools as spare
The min. slitting width between two pieces of tools is 70mm
The min. slitting width at edge is 40mm
Sliding Safety guard over the machine without safety switch/model
PLC control system
Control the quantity & cutting length automatically.
Combined with: PLC, Touch Screen (SIEMENS), Inverter (Schneider), Encoder (Omron), etc
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
Control voltage 24V
Product Rack   Un-power, 4 meters long

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