Hydraulic Folding&Slitting Machine

The folding machine can bend different kinds of section by manual operation. Slitting wheels equiped for convenient operation.

The length 4 meters and 6 meters for selection.

Machine Components
General Parameter 
1.  For Steel sheet; Aluminum; Stainless steel
2.  Thickness: Max.1.0mm
3.  Driven by Servo motor, pump motor: 0.82KW
4.  Working length: 4000mm
5.  Press clamp: 5 units
6.  Weight: Approx. 3000 Kg
7.  Pressing power: pump motor for hydraulic station7.5KW, Located inside
8.  Bending range: 0-125 degree
9.  Depth of throat: 1000 mm(Max. working width of material in clamp)
10.Hinge: 5 groups
11.Total power: 9.42KW (7.5KW+1.1KW+0.82KW)
12.Outline dimension(Length×Width×Height): 5800×1700×1500 (For reference only)
Slitting Device
1)Type Of Blade : Slitting wheel
    Diameter: 80 (Enough)
    Material: Cr12MoV
2)Drive system Motor driving: 1.1KW
   Guiding device: Steel rope circling
3)Slitting speed: Approx.0.8m/s
   Slitting distance: Through steel rope circulation.
Bending & Slitting Device
1) Max. Bending thickness 1.0mm
2) Max. Bending length 4000mm
3) Max. Slit thickness 1.0mm
4) Min. folding dimension as below
Hydraulic power pack
1.  Capability: Max.16MPA
2.  Capacity of oil tank:  170L
3.  Power source: Hydraulic
PLC Control System
1.  System: Siemens PLC Control
2.  Numerical control locating system: Siemens PLC Control
3.  Operating table: Touch Screen
4.  Angle programmer: Encoder test
5.  Slitting control: Manual
6.  Emergency stop: e-stop button+ e-limit+ foot switch (right heavily)

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