Duplex Ribbing Line

This ribbling line are popular used as part of sandwich panel production line, the width of panel are adjustable and machine can make into both pre-cutting and post cutting design. If adopt post-cutting solution, we will made the cutting balde into multi-cutting type and all sizes can share one set of cutting blade, which will highly improve the production efficiency.
5 Ton X 1250 Hydraulic Un-coiler
Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole, Pump motor: 3.0KW
Frequency Inverter to regulate turning speed, Motor: 3KW
Coil Inner-diameter= 510±30mm, Coil width = Max.1250mm
Taper wedge expand type
Automatic stopping device, Load capacity = Max.5Tons
Automatic stopping device with limited switch as assistance to control stop/star rotation
Hydraulic Pre-Shearing device
Power Feeding Section with guide device
Cutting length by manual control
Hydraulic cutting device
Embossing device
Including One embossing step for bottom ribs
0.5mm Minimum Thickness, 0.8mm Maximum Thickness 
Working Width: Max. 1250mm;Frequency speed control
Motor driven, Frequency speed control
Ex Cold Rolled Coil, Galvanized Coil
Duplex width adjustable forming machine
Gear/sprocket driving; 9-step to form
Rollers manufactured from 45# steel, CNC lathes, hard Chrome Coated, fine polished.
One frame side is fix on the base-seat
Another frame side is movable on the base-seat along line bearing, and adjustable by manual through screw and hand wheel
Main motor =5.5 KW, Frequency speed control
Protection Mesh Cover (full mesh type) Above Roll-former To Avoid Hands Go Inside, slip type
Simple Electric Control cabinet
For manual control FW/REV/STOP only
Frequency speed control by manual
Product Rack  3 units

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