1. Size: 9300mmx2270mmx2400mm                                     
2. Total Weight: About 12000kg
3. Controlling System: PLC                                                          
4. Forming Power: 7.5kw                              
5. Bending Power: 4.0kw+1.1kw+1.1kw                                                        
6. Cutting Power: 3.0kw                 
7. Material of rollers: 45#steel, quenched 58-62 
8. Material of roller shafts: 45#steel                                                  
9. Material of cutting blade: Cr12 steel                                         
10. PLC Type: Siemens               
11. Step of rollers: 13 steps                                                   
12. Feeding Width: 914mm                                                    
13. Effective Width: 610mm                       
14. Thickness of the coil: 0.6-1.6mm   
15. The depth of the groove: 203mm                                     
16. Working speed: Straightsheet:15m/min    
17. Arch sheet: 13m/min                                                                   
18. Sewing: 10m/min                             
19. Max span: 38m                                                                          
Features of our pan machine                                                               
1. All the rollers are forged form the high quality structural steel and are processed intensely. The surfaces of the rollers are plated with hard chromium. The rollers have a high hardness and long operating life             
2. The power set to automatically transport the colored steel sheet is equipped in the forming press section ,which can press the colored steel sheet with the thickness of 0.6-1.6. It is not needed to frequently adjust the clearance between the pressing rolls when pressing the sheet with different thickness, which can make the sheet come out from machine is very simple . But the quality of the finished product can be guaranteed                         
3. The length of the finished sheet is measured by the electronic measurement instrument or mechanical measurement instrument .The helping hand wheel and the counter are used in the adjustment of the bending of arch sheet ,which makes the operation simple and guarantees the quality and the dimensional precision                   
4. The hoisting tool is light and handy (The weight of hoisting tool of the United States is 30KG. And the weight of hoisting tool of our company is 2KG) It is convenient to install and uninstall the hoisting tool, its hoisting speed is quick 

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