Normal Speed Full Auto C&Z



The full automatical C/Z interchangeable purlin machine is one of the high standard machinery of Reliance M&N Industries Limited.This production line
consist of pre-guiding&strengthening device, hydraulic punching section, pre-shearing device, high speed transportation table, quickly changeable roll forming machine, product runout table, PLC control system etc...The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantle any parts.No tooling or spacers are removed or changed. All production process adopt auto-control system, clients just need input the sheet length, punching details and batch quantity then the machine will running automatically. The whole line speed including punching maximum can achieve 30m/min, with the higher accuracy and efficiency function, our C/Z interchangeable machine are stationary on a leading position in China at present.

1. material:
      Suitable for 1.5-3.2mm Cold-Strip Steel, Galvanized coil;
      Material of tension: Grade≤ 480Mpa
      Type: C100-C300, Z100-Z300, flange height 40-100mm, rib size 14-25mm

2. Machine Components:
a. Simple un-coiler Rack: one unit (Un-powered)
     Capacity: MAX.5Tons; Coil ID: 508mm±30mm; Coil width: 600mm

b. Pre-leveling&Punching, cutting device without motor driven
     Four over three roller section design to strengthening
     Feeding guide section
     One set of flat cutting tool, five sets of slot-punching device;
     Hydraulic station for punching, pump motor 11KW
     Cutting tool material: Cr12 (D3), Heat treatment; puncher pin material: Cr12 (D3)


c. CZ changing cold rolling mill one set; (with protect mesh cover above)
     Gear/Sprocket driving; 15-step to form
     Material of rollers: Cr12(D3)
     Material of main shaft:45# casting steel
     Shafts Diameter: 60/70mm, Precision Machined
     Max forming speed: Approx. 15m/min (including punching & cutting time)
     Motor of changing profile size: 1*1.5KW, 2*0.75KW
     Main motor for roll forming: 22KW

d. PLC Control cabinet one unit;
    Control the quantity, punching hole & cutting length automatically.
    Combined with: PLC(Panasonic), Touch Screen(Panasonic),inverter(Delta),
    Encoder(Omron), etc
    Cut-to-length tolerance:≤±2 mm
    Control voltage: 24V


e. Product Table Un-powered, one unit


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