High Speed Full Auto C&Z


The full automatical C/Z interchangeable purlin machine is one of the high standard machinery of Reliance M&N Industries Limited.This production line consist of pre-guiding&strengthening device, hydraulic punching section, pre-shearing device, high speed transportation table, quickly changeable roll forming machine, product runout table, PLC control system etc...The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantle any parts.No tooling or spacers are removed or changed. All production process adopt auto-control system, clients just need input the sheet length, punching details and batch quantity then the machine will running automatically. The whole line speed including punching maximum can achieve 30m/min, with the higher accuracy and efficiency function, our C/Z interchangeable machine are stationary on a leading position in China at present.

1. material:
Suitable for 1.5-3.2mm Cold-Strip Steel, Galvanized coil;
Material of tension: Grade≤ 480Mpa
Type: C100-C300, Z100-Z300, flange height 40-100mm, rib size 14-25mm

2. Machine Components:
a. 5 ton hydraulic un-coiler:
     Capacity: MAX.5Tons; Coil ID: 508mm±30mm; Coil width: 600mm
     Hydraulic expanding system with motor driven
b. Pre-leveling device&Pre-punching&Pre-cutting Device
      Feeding section with guide, four over three roller section design to strengthening


    Servo motor feeding sheet, motor power 5.5KW
    One set of flat cutting tool, five sets of slot-punching device;
    Hydraulic station for punching, pump motor 11KW
    Cutting tool material: Cr12 (D3), Heat treatment; puncher pin material: Cr12 (D3)
c.   Transport conveyor one unit; (motor: 2.2KW)
       Length: 9-12m(according to customer requirements);

d.  CZ changing cold rolling mill one set; (with protect mesh cover above)
      Gear/Sprocket driving; 15-step to form
      Material of rollers: Cr12 (D3);
      Material of main shaft: ASTM 1045 casting steel
      Shafts Diameter: 60/70mm, Precision Machined
      Max forming speed: Approx. 30m/min (including punching & cutting time)
      Motor of changing profile size: 1*1.5KW, 2*0.75KW
      Main motor for roll forming: 22KW
f. PLC Control cabinet one unit;
     Control the quantity, punching hole & cutting length automatically.
     Combined with: PLC(Panasonic), Touch Screen(Panasonic), inverter(Delta),
     Encoder(Omron), etc
     Cut-to-length tolerance:≤±2 mm
     Control voltage :24V

e. Product Table    Un-powered, one unit



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