Dual Level MC

Machine Components

10Ton*1500mm Hydraulic un-coiler with coil car
Hydraulic system to expand coil inner hole, Pump motor: 2.2KW
Taper wedge expand type
Double level expanding palms with two coil bore variations of 480-530 for Palm 1 and 580-630 for Palm 2
Load Capacity: Max. 10 Tons; Coil Width Max. 1500mm
Coil Outer-diameter Max. 1500mm
Retarding Motor to turn the coil, Motor: 7.5KW
Slippage guiding equipped on the base frame. There is a hydraulic oil cylinder on the base to drive the un-coiler to make correction when the shaft-line is off-position with the forming machine, to make sure the generatrix of the coil consistent with the forming machine.

Maintain arm on the top, to avoid coil become loose when stop to be packed.
The arm to be driven by pneumatic cylinder, manual control
The air supplier should be provide by the user
With coil car – The original design
Up/Down stroke of Coil Car: Max. 450mm;
Forward/backward stroke of Coil Car: Max. 2000mm

Manual pre-shearing Device (Un-powered)
un-powered, Dual Levelling
Smart cut control, to cut off the end of the final piece of sheet only
Working thickness up to 0.8mm
Polythene Film on device
Film on device designed to suit for dual level usage

Dual Cold Rolling Mills
Feeding section with guide
Gear/Sprocket driving; Dual Leveling MC
Wall-plate frame design up to 20mm
Upper Level for profile 1, 18-step to form, working height 975mm
Lower Level for profile 2, 19-step to form, working height 735mm
Rollers manufactured from 45#, CNC lathes, hard Chrome Coated
Shafts Diameter=ф75/95mm, Precision Machined, fine Polished
Main motor =11KW, Frequency speed control
The two levels can’t be run at the same time
Manual Clutch to switch the driven system
Max Line speed of roll former: Approx. 20m/min
Protection Mesh Cover (full mesh type) Above Roll-former To Avoid Hands Go Inside

Hydraulic Cutting Device
Stop to cut, Post cut, No blanking cutting
Hydraulic unit, Pump motor =4KW
Total four sets of cutting tools, each profile 2 sets
Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment

PLC Control System
Control the quantity & cutting length automatically.
Control the switch action to run the different two profiles
Combined with: PLC, Touch Screen (Siemens), Inverter (Schneider), Encoder (Omron), etc
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
Control voltage 24V

Stacking Length Max. 12 meters
Height adjustable level convection table to cooperate with original roll forming machine, two pieces of 1.1KW motor to control table up and down
Hydraulic pressing device assembled at the pallet feeding side, the exit side equipped with a photo limit switch and safety alarming system
Pile up the sheet piece by piece after cutting automatically
Movable wooden pallet driven by motor
The support arm turn in vertical direction and driven by pneumatic cylinder
Action controlled by Pneumatic system
The air supply provided by the user


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