Corrugated Forming Machine

Technical Parameters

The Chart of Process Flow

Decoiling-- feeding--roll forming--measuring length--cutting to length--output


Undoiler, main forming machine, hydraulic cutting, output table, hydraulic system, electric system.
1. Uncoiler
A. Coil inner diameter: 450mm-700mm
B. Max width of coiling: 1220mm
C. Max weight of loading: 10Ton
2. Main forming machine
A. Number of forming steps: 16-24 (according profile)
B. Material of shaft: 45# steel adjustable treatment. diameter: 75mm
C. Material of roller: High grade 45# steel (plated chrome on surface)
D. Main motor power: 5.5~7.5kw
E. Forming speed: 15-18m/min
F. Stand: 350# steel welding structure
G. The plating chromium of roller surface: 0.05mm
3. Hydraulic cutter
A. Material of blade: Cr12 with quenched treatment 60-62º C
B. Cutting system: Adopt advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cut after forming,
    no distortion, no waste, high safe factor(main motor stops and then cuts)
4. Electrical System
Combined with: PLC (Taida), Touch Screen (Weinview), Inverter (Taida), Encoder (Omron), etc
Some other profiles below for you choice:



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