Barrel Corrugated Machine

1. Profile Drawing
2. Technical Data
 Type: This machine will be used for corrugating the sheared strip.
 Sheet Width:762mm
 Sheet Length: Max 3600mm
 Sheet Thickness: 0.12~0.4mm Max.
 Product: Based on JIS G3316
 Product Width: 762mm for 3600mm width of raw material
 Width Deviation : +25mm, -10mm
 Corrugation : Large round wave (Based on JIS G3316)
 Pitch: 76mm (±2.0mm)
Depth: 18mm(±1.5mm)
 Drive : AC geared motor 15KW with reducer x One(1)
 Roll Revolution : Max 12 RPM
 Guider for Sheet Input : Welded steel structure with stopper for setting
 Corrugating Roll : Barrel length 4,200mmL
 Pitch adjust Roll : Barrel length 4,200mmL
 Up & down device for Corrugating and pitch adjusting rolls
 Screw x four(4), adjusted by manual handles
 Guider for Output Products : Welded steel plates
 Control & OP Panel : Relay type x one(1)
 Power: AC415V & 50HZ & 3P



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